Speckled Sussex Hen or Roo?


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Jul 26, 2013
Hi Backyard Chickeners! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I had posted this question in the SS thread, but no response. Maybe it wasn't the best place to put it?
Anyway, I would be grateful if anyone out there had an opinion on whether my SS here is a male or female. Thanks so much in advance!
About 5 months.
Pic # 1 Boy or Girl?

Pic # 2 SS Pullet for comparison

Thanks again!

*Also, just realized I'm in the wrong forum? Sorry. Trying to move this but don't know how.*
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Hmm, I want to say pullet but am not completely sure. I can't tell if it's just the angle, but in the first picture, it looks like there might be some saddle feathers. A side view might help.

Very pretty chicken, regardless. Also, love your buffs hanging around in the second pic.
Hi, auburn!
I really appreciate your response. I will try to get a profile pic ( as you know, these gals move fast!) I am so undecided because of her striking contrast to the other two SS I have ( who have barely any waddles or comb). "She" also seems to be up there on the pecking order too. Top hen maybe? Or second in command roo? I did notice that some folks have SS hens with rather large combs and waddles...so maybe my little brown one with the little comb is just not healthy stock....
I guess I will just have to wait and see. Should be getting some cock-a-doodle-do's anytime now, right? I am terrible at telling the sex by feathers. I still can't tell on even that obvious BO rooster....

P.S- "George" is our "surprise" Rooster (big buff in the back). He is such a handsome guy and has really stepped up to being a nice guard/alert Roo. So you can see why I would be a little worried with another rooster hanging around ( we have 15 total AND another Partridge Cochin rooster who is my "baby", and I can't part with right now.) So three roosters would be WAY to many. Two is probably two many!
Ahhhhh! I'm addicted!

Thanks again!
Thank you, Donrae!
I will try to get a profile pic. They are still a little camera shy...
I am still wishy-washy about my thoughts on it too. At one minuet she seems just like a bigger SS, the next she is chest bumping the BO rooster. I have no idea! So, it is great to hear from experienced people! Thanks again! More pictures and updates to follow.....
Thank you Cluky! I am liking the responses here... so far, three "girl votes"! We are already really rooster heavy over here (15 birds and two roos....maybe one more
. So three rooster in a flock that size would be way too many!) Our big buff has already staked out some pretty steep competition for himself and I'm not ready to break up tons of chicken fights!

Thanks again for your response!
I'm guessing pullet. My SS Wendy looked like a cockerel until she was the first to lay an egg! I was convinced I had a boy! She had what I thought were pointy saddle feathers as well as a colorful tail that seemed too long! You can go to my profile to see pictures of her! But your's looks like a pullet to me!

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