Speckled Sussex hens

I have some but I live in MS. I have never shipped eggs so I would not know about that.
I only have 10 hens so I would not want to sell no more than 2, so I think it would be to far of a drive. Sorry wish we lived closer.
OH Katy, too bad I'm not close to you !!!! I want more!!!!! We have if my brain is working right about 16 hens now but I love them!!!!!
To the op, we have hatching eggs, not hens for sale. We've had years of experience with poultry and we farm full time and I'd love to ship to you. We have 2 orders ahead of you as best I recall, orders are in the barn and I'm in the house heading out to milk.

Here's an earlier post about them:

Please do read our feedback on the old and new system and pm me if you have more question.

One of our young pullets hatched by Mahonri (now much older and laying)

Rooster ratio is 1 for 4 hens and fertility has been great.
One of our flocks:

Thanks and have a blessed day.
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I'm about 20 minutes east of Hutch....not far at all. The only reason I'm selling them is because I need their pen for another breeding pen for one of my other breeds. I've also got a nice roo if You're interested in him too.
We absolutely love our speckled girls and would like a few more to add to the flock. They are wonderful, beautiful birds. Jeslewmazer, where in Mississippi do you live? I actually drive through Mississippi every week. You have beautiful birds. We would be happy with two. Thanks for the responses.

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