Speckled Sussex Husbandry???

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10 Years
Jan 31, 2009
Corning OH
OK, I have a question. I have read some on husbandry for buckeye's (which I don't have at this time) but I image it is similar to all breeds. Here is my question. I have Speckled sussexs, 9 cockerels and I only need one. The first one I had picked looks a little knocked knee'd so he is out. There are two that crow, a sign of dominance, and they both look very nice, decent size, large dk red comb and waddles (yes size makes a difference). But the one I really like is huge, his comb isn't huge, actually about half the size of the dominant two, it isn't that red. His waddles are the same way smaller not dark red. The were hatched the middle of May so they are roughly 14 wks old. I will not butcher the extra's until they are 18-20. Here is my question... could the one I really like just be a late bloomer and turn out to be an awesome rooster or should I go with what I have read that says go with the smaller, dominant, crowing cockerels? According to my reading the lack of development of the secondary sex organs could indicate low reproduction or even sterility. Does anyone have some actual experience that backs this up or that has sussex and know how they develop?
I fyou don't get a reply here, you may want to pose this question in the breeds section. THere is a sussex thread and I'm sure a good breeder there could guide you.

IMO, I plan to keep a couple roosters, the heir and the spare theory; and a late bloomer can be one that is low in the pecking order and gets less food and therefore doesn't grow as well as the others. Remember to select for type and body structure.

I had one rooster this year who was slow to mature. He needed much experience to figure out how to do his job; he is a gentle fellow and his flock is my 4 buff orpingtons which are just as gentle as he is. (THey picked each other as a sub flock). I actually like this rooster because I don't have to watch my back; his brother was on the ball at 3 weeks pecking everyone and put himself in charge! He started mating months before his brother! ANd has chicks to prove it.

I'm sorry I don't have the experience to answer your question; and the gentle one, I haven't incubated any of his fertilized eggs to see if he is fertile.

Again, you might try the sussex thread. GL
Thanks for the advice.

Well he is definitely getting enough food because he weighs at least 1/2 - 1 pound more than any of the others. He isn't aggressive at all, his body type is awesome. He has wider hips I know that's not the right term but this means that his daughters will be able to lay larger eggs. Very nice breast development, everall he is a stud to look at but I just want to make sure he really is.

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