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Recently got about 32 Speckled Sussex pullets with one proving to be a cockerel. Source is Cackle Hatchery. Pullets to be used in coming years for some poop studies. We have more than needed for that so some will be set aside to be used for start of a show flock. We will be looking for some quality males to breed the pullets to next year. Anyone have images and pointers on what a good pullet and cockerel should look like when approaching a year old? I am outside my box with this breed. They have proven tough in a brooder, but are not all that active or smart.
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I love my SS hens, and have had very mixed results with the ten to twelve or so cockerels I've had, from three different hatcheries. The nice big boys were mostly human aggressive, and the smaller cockerels were nice. I gave up raising them because of this problem.
They won't be as active as your game breeds likely are!
I went with the breed standard to evaluate everyone, so no other SQ experience. my few birds from Cackle were nice though, and I have pullets from them again this year.
My SS hens were among the dead birds from my dog attack disaster this spring.
Try the breed club website.
I haven't felt that they were less active than my Wyandottes, and haven't had Dominiques. Mine have been friendly/ interactive, and I wondered if 'friendly' in the hens related to 'human aggressive' in some of the males. Nobody responded to that idea when I posted it here.
I have a beautiful Speckled Sussex. She arrived from a reputable breeder at a day old. From day one she had a funny cowlick on her head ( a feather stuck up) No other interesting things- a normal SS chick. She is 3 months old and the cowlick has remained. Just and interesting factoid about her. Is this a normal thing? The other thing I noticed today- the middle toe on her left foot bends at the joint and turns a little toward center when she takes a step. She still roosts on wire plant stands and the back of chairs without issue and does not appear in pain. Is there anything I need to do about it? Baby pictures show the toe to be straight. Don't know when this happened.


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