Speckledhen and Cetawin's Weekend


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
How was your trip? I hope that you had a bunch of fun! Can't wait to hear a report (and pictures!).
It was nice. Was happy I could make the trip. Got to spend time with scbatz, wegotchickens and of course, Cetawin and her family, including the goober that masquerades as a Livestock Guardian Dog and the Diva known as Joleta Bey. Much of it was spent on coyote watch and we found a den directly across the road from her house so that was unnerving! She lost a lovely buff Cochin right before I got there to that darn thing. These are the only pics I took as I was loading up to leave, of Cheyenne with Junebug.



I enjoyed myself a great deal...I always enjoy time spent with Speckledhen. She would not let me take any pics of her

I almost got her to touch a silkie but she just would not breakdown and do it. I did however get her to touch a frizzled serama. LOL

She got to sit on the front porch swing with her grandbaby Delaware, Fattie...who thanked her by hopping off her lap and laying her egg beside her. LOL

Yes the crazyiness at my place never ends. It was sad that we were on coyote watch instead of out seeing the sights but the birds are safe. Hopefully soon I will destroy the coyote and life can go back to its normal chaos.
Cynthia, did you have a chance to visit the quilt museum and the historic downtown? We just love looking at the paintings on the flood wall. One year during the quilt show, the Delta Queen docked at the flood wall. It was a beautiful sight seeing the ladies come off the boat. Sadly, the Delta Queen is no longer able to do that.

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