Spending time with chicks???


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
My chicks seem very jumpy. We try to handle them as much as we can. Probably about 2 hrs a day. I check on them about 4-5 times a day. My ? Is how much time do u spend with them and are they just always gonna be jumpy and scared or will they get over that as they get older??? They seem happy. I have 15 and all are doing very good. There 1 week old!!
I'm in and out of my coop, holding and petting my girls all the time and a few of them are always jumpy. Two of them aren't skittish at all but the other three are. I've come to the conclusion that that's just how they are going to be
Chickens are jumpy animals, period. Think about it- they don't really have much of any defense against a predator other than to jump at him and squawk and fly (poorly) away. All of their predators are bigger than they are, so they all come from above them. Chicks are never, ever, ever going to NOT freak out when you reach down for them. It's in their DNA. Even my fully grown chickens, who are perfectly used to my family and me and are pretty trustful, don't like it when we reach down for them. We have better luck reaching for their breast area if we want to touch them.

They are chickens. They're not puppies or kittens who want your attention and petting. They're happier being chickens, particularly when you have a nice size flock like yours. I'm not saying don't hold them and handle them- you do need to be able to handle them from time to time. I had the best luck when mine were chicks by sitting down and letting them come to me and jump on me if they wanted. But generally, yes, they will be a bit jumpy.
I kind of wish mine were a little more skittish. I can't walk through the coop without stepping on someone
And I thought my cats were always under my feet!
I hand-raised 10 chicks and they were a little jumpy at first. But I spent a lot of time with them and handled them a lot and as they got older they calmed down. They are nice laid back hens now of different breeds. Mine follow me all over the yard now and think I'm their mom or head rooster or something! They're easy to pet and pick up and have a lot of character. Just give yours a lot of love and they will be awesome.
Mine were REALLY jumpy the first week. I have my brooder in our tv room so that they're exposed to us (and the dogs and cats) as much as possible. I began putting the dogs behind a baby gate and just sitting there with the brooder door open, holding bits of scrambled egg. Now they run to the door and hop out when I sit down there and call "peepers!" They know I'm the treat lady (although I don't always have treats with me...lol). They STILL throw a fit when I pick them up, but they peck at my hands and fingers, and I can lightly "pet" them. But they are becoming friendlier. I work with them usually three times a day, maybe 5-10 minutes at a stretch. Some are friendlier than others. Keep at it - they'll friendly-up soon enough

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