Spilling the Tea (chat thread)

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Sep 9, 2019
Central Virginia
Aw, so cute! Do you know what kind they are?
Half buff Brahma I think, that's one of the roosters that was in the run when I got the eggs. They have feathered legs. I have chicks I hatched from this farm and the one that looked like this with feathered legs is white with black markings and white feathers on its legs.


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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon

right now am pretty excited get to go grocery shopping i mean fishing tomorrow lol i like fresh fish. :)
We live within a few blocks of a really good lake with a fishing dock...one of the reasons we moved here (Lakeside, OR). Lots of days we have spent sitting on the dock pulling in yellow perch, trout, and an occasional bass. But for the last month or so it's been rain...rain...rain...with a side of wind and then rain. It's cold too, so to fish we'd have to layer clothing, then finish up with rain slickers and be buffeted with cold rain and wind while we fished, so we haven't gone. When we do catch fish we fillet the ones large enough and stick the smaller ones in the freezer for fertilizer, since the lake is over-populated with introduced perch and needs to have them constantly culled. Lucky you, and let us know how you do, please? :caf
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