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    I'm feeling rather ignorant right now. I have several colors of standard Cochins but have no idea how to get Splash cochins. Are they a breed all theiry own or do I have to mix something to get them? Can someone offer me some insight? I think they're SO beautiful.

    Thank you!
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    Splash (BB) bred to Splash (BB) = 100% Splash (all BB) offspring.

    Splash (BB) bred to Blue (Bb) = 50% Splash (BB) and 50% Blue (Bb) offspring.

    Blue (Bb) bred to Blue (Bb) = 25% Splash (BB) + 50% Blue (Bb) + 25% Black(bb) offspring.

    Blue (Bb) bred to Black (bb) = 50% Blue (Bb) + 50% Black (bb) offspring.

    Black (bb) bred to Black (bb) = 100% Black offspring.

    So, if you do not have any splash birds to breed, you can get some by breeding 2 blue birds together.

    This works for all birds which have the Andalusian Blue coloring (cochins, silkies, etc.), not for any which are called "Self-blue". Those will breed true and produce blue offspring only.

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