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Hi everyone. My name Is Jeremy I'm new to this forum. But i do have a question. Is a splash orpington a breed like the Rhode Island breed where you breed a red to a red and you get a red? Or is it like a Blue Orpington where you breed two different breeds to get a 100% blue. And if a Splash Orpington is a breed are thay really hard to hatch.
thanks for the warm welcome! Do you by any chance know anything about splash orpingtons
I just hatched a splash orp. I hatched some beautious eggs from Bargin - Nancy Garry They were Blue Black and Splash orpingtons. Splash is a color pattern you can get from the breed orpington. Some of the chicks were black in color some blue and the splash is a pale blue with darker blue polka dots. You can find her egg auctions in the auction threads here. They are no more difficult than any other color or breed. Welcome
So you cant breed splash to splash and get splash? So then they are like the blue orpington you need to have two different birds to make a splash.
The blue andalusian gene breeds like this:

Black X Black = 100 % black

Black X Blue = 50 % black, 50% blue

Black X Splash = 100% blue

Blue X Splash = 50% blue, 50% splash

Splash X Splash = 100% splash

Blue X Blue = 50% black, 25% splash, 25% blue

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THANK YOU for clearing this up. This is what I thought. I have splash and I'm breeding splash to splash to get splash and later I will breed for blue.But some one said I was wrong and I couldnt gaurentee splash. How about hatching them I can hatch very successfully hatch Black Austerlorps about a 90 to 95% hatch rate and the same with my gold links But the splash are not going so good. Any thoughts???

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