Splay-Legged Chicks. Help!!!!

4 Georgia Hens

Jan 3, 2017
Northern Georgia
Howdy y’all!
I just got 7 silkie chicks, and 5 of them have splay leg. I have medical tape and I’m willling to manually feed them Until their healed. They are 2 days old. I need help!!!! Some of them are worse than others. I don’t want ANY to die!!!!!!!!! Please help me!!
Hi. Was about to write a question and saw this thread. Not sure what "splay leg" is? Or if this is the same issue one of my chicks has? I have a little plump 6 week old chick, who is "squatting" and not interested in walking around. When it does walk, it walks like a penquin! It is eating and growing and it generally doing well. Lazy?!? Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

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