Splayed leg


Apr 15, 2018
Central Illinois
My last chick hatch right before I left for work about 10 hours ago, left it in imcubincu and came home to find it has a splayed leg. My daughter's and I are trying to nurse it back to health . First time dealing with this....
What a sweet baby!
Looks like you are doing what you can for her.
The hock - is it swollen?
If you have any Poultry Nutri-Drench on hand, I would also give her 1-2drops orally per day.
The swelling is concerning.
I wonder if she might have a slipped tendon as well as splayed leg?
Just a thought.
Ok I read that, I don't believe that's what's going on....I saved article though .I ran out and got better suplisup to splint legs, actually when I removed the first one it wasn't stick out as bad. Also grabbed it some poultry nutri-drench and gave her some. I keep wearing the poor girl out so she's resting peacefully now...keep you updated.

Oh I'm seriously thinking about sneaking her to work tomorrow...
@Wyorp Rock chick is at the chick sitter while I'm at work. she is alive and seems happy and healthy (besides the leg thing) I did notice that "swollen" hock looks normal now...will keep updating cant wait to get home and cuddle with this little sweetheart!!!

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