splayed legs on 5 week old chicken

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    Aug 28, 2014
    i recently acquired a fizzle sizzle chicken

    it's legs splay out and it doesnt seem to have much balance..also one of the feet doesnt seem to
    fully extend when it tries to walk.. the webs between two of the toes on the same foot seem as though it is a bit malformed.
    not 'split enough between the two last toes.

    breeder told me that it couldn't roust, was getting defecated on by the others. it was pretty filthy when i got it..
    i did give it a bath is some organic baby wash. breeder told me to use dawn..i know **** is great for oiled birds
    but i didnt want to use anything with a strong chemical on it.. and i brushed the feathers out with a toothbrush after i blow dried it.

    the reason i guess she brought it to me is that she has 90+ of them and it is some breed i was told they are trying
    to officiate somehow and didn't want irresponsible people breeding it..

    i have almost no history on it save that it is ~ 5 weeks old...and i got a ziploc bag of some brown granular stuff.
    and she tried a sandal i guess..didnt say for how long though.

    i have hobbled it as per some of the postings between the foot and the joint with some vet wrap. i can take images
    and upload them.. i want to be sure i have it done right

    and got some polyvisol without iron

    and followed a wet diet found in another topic here. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/216914/help-sick-flock-is-this-mareks-disease#post_2574483

    substituting the polyvisol multivitamin with no iron for infants for the various vitamins..i hope that is ok :|

    i have no idea how long it has been this way and have read somewhere it it is nutritional and caught early enough
    it can be correct.

    my goal here is to permanently re-home this sweet thing.

    i have an apartment and it is living in my granddaughters pack and play at the moment with afternoons spent on my deck
    i am trying to offer flat as well as uneven surfaces to the feet will develop properly..

    this is all i can think of to try.. if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks so much

  2. grimchkn

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    Aug 28, 2014


    hopefully i hobbled it correctly?

    and you can see the two last toes have no give in the webbing at all
  3. That is a very good job of hobbling. Can she balance now?
  4. grimchkn

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    Aug 28, 2014

    it isn't falling over as much and will try to walk to me and takes a step or two then goes back down on its
    [for some reason i want to call it she] haunches.

    the affected foot still drags behind her though occasionally then she flops over :(

    i have placed the food and water a bit further away to encourage it to try walking more.

    it is eating pretty well and the stools seem fine..thee is an occasional foul odored one but not often at all
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