Splayed legs?


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Hi, I have a chick and its about a day old now. I've noticed that its legs are split a little further than the other chicks are. I'm not sure if this is splayed legs but is there anything I can do to make this better. The chick can stand up and walk but it is a bit wobbly at times. Are its legs like this because its young or has it got splayed legs?
Thanks in advanced for any help:)
What type of bedding are they on? Is it paper or anything else a bit slippery? Slippery bedding can cause big problems with chicks.
They are on news paper at the bottom with some shredded news paper on top. What bedding do you suggest? I have the option of straw if that would be any better?
I could try and get some. Does it have to be pine shavings or can it be any sort of wood shavings?
Straw or an old towel/pillow case...something that offers traction with no toxin worries. Yes you can wash any poop out after.

I switched from shavings to paper towels after a couple of days because it as much easier to clean up the mess once or twice a day.
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