Split and crossed beak


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Jun 27, 2021
New Jersey
Hi again! Just need some reassurance from you. Lol I noticed a few weeks ago one of my hens had a slight split in her top beak. I saw no blood, have no idea how it happened and she seems fine. She eats, drinks, and lays regularly. I searched on here and decided that she should be fine and it should resolve itself. Today I noticed that her bottom beak is slightly misaligned now with the top (like cross beak). Again she seems fine, except today I noticed for the first time she is being very aggressive with the others. She zeros in on someone and heads for them and pulls feathers. She even zeroed in on my dog today and tried to pull her hair. Lol I gave her a bit of a shove as soon as she went after dog because I dont want my dog to react to them. I like peace. Lol that seemed to stop her and the rest of the visit was uneventful. Should I worry about her beak or do anything other than make sure she is eating/drinking fine? Oh, forgot to mention they are about 5 months old. Thanks everyone!

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