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  1. i have a young wheaten marans hen and she has a slight spilt in just the tip of her top beak right down the center so my question is it a genetic thing she might pass on ?
    will it get worse ?
    i can hardly see it
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  2. lotzahenz

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    I would doubt a "split" beak is genetic, but there is no way to know for sure. I'd trim it with pliers and maybe file it down smooth, like a rough fingernail. Once the split has been removed, see if it returns. Sorry, not much more I know about this. HenZ
  3. gottalovemychickens

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    i wouldnt do that if its split all the way up because if you go to cut then it will split even bigger
  4. Sonoran Silkies

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    Use superglue to glue the split together, and a nail file to smooth any rough edges.
  5. gottalovemychickens

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    Quote:yeah that would be more like it
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    Quote:Did you try the super glue? Did it work? I have a 22 wk old Buff Orphington with a split beak... thus the Q.

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