***Split/Lavender Orpington Project eggs FS-OK


Chick Charmer
11 Years
Jun 4, 2008
NE Oklahoma
I am offering 12+ Split/Lavender Orpington eggs to ship this coming Monday. Eggs will be fresh, and collected 3 times a day.
These eggs will produce 25% lav/50% split/25% black chicks....though results can vary. I have gotten more like 35-40% lavender chicks, myself, as have others that have reported back to me. $65 includes shipping/confirmation with payment via Paypal. I prefer to label the box for pickup at the PO if at all possible. Please let me know your preference when contacting me. Post sold, and PM for paypal info.

DISCLAIMER: I package my eggs using bubble wrap, and lots of stuffing. I use the 12x12x8 box in hopes that the PO won't just throw the box into bags, and I label the box very well. I cannot be held responsible for the eggs once they are given to the PO for shipping. Shipping and handling, incubation on the buyer's part and such can affect how the resulting hatch will go, and is not my responsibility. Please keep in mind that shipping eggs is a gamble.



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