Spoiled Chicken


6 Years
Aug 27, 2013
Does anyone else think they have a spoiled chicken or chickens? I have had my chickens for about a month now. One of my chickens, Beyonce ( long story on the name) wants me to physically take her out of the coop and put her in the run.. she also loves conversations and playing peek a boo.. she is a very interesting bird indeed..lol. I dont know if I should leave her in the coop to come out on her own, or continue to let her out..lol
PS.. Im not really sure how to post forums.. I got lucky with this one..lol
Welcome to BYC! Keep taking her out. Sounds like you BOTH like this arrangement. Enjoy the morning moment every day.
Mine are spoilt to they will pace up and down the fence till we let them out or the ducks will quack very loudly till we pay attention to them and its so funny when u whistle they all come running to see what you have iam not sure how to post these either so hopefully it will make sense to someone lol .
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Maybe you want to make her a house pet. I think if you single her out for special attention daily the other birds will end up picking on her.

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