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  1. smoothmule

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    Apr 12, 2008
    Buffalo, Missouri
    All my chickens and guineas come running when I drive in the drive now from all over. I think they must recognize my car (VW New Beetle) since they don't "chase" other vehicles. [​IMG]
    They are worse than the dogs about gathering up at the door when I get out now and I don't even feed them at this time so I'm a bit puzzled why they do this. The dogs run to greet me when I arrive home so maybe they are following the dogs lead? The guineas (and now the hens) have always run to the back porch when I feed the dogs so they can eat the dogs food too so that's the only rationale I have for this weird behavior. They may be scattered over most of the 40 acres here but you would think I had yelled fire the way they run for me when I arrive home from work.

    A couple of mine, a small game hen and young game rooster, won't even eat with the others when I throw down some corn. They find the nearest place to fly up on that's about eye level and wait for me to come hand feed them. I can pet them both and they follow me away from the feed if I don't feed them. They will eat on their own fine if I'm not there but I think they like not having to compete with the others, especially the young rooster. The old rooster runs him off a lot and I think that's what got this started with him. He even knows his name now (Roger) and comes running across the back yard when I call his name.

    Good thing we live out in the country or the neighbors would talk.......................[​IMG]
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    That's sweet, although probably a bit annoying when you're trying to bring in groceries or whatever.

    My chickens recognise my truck when I pull into the driveway, too. It's a good thing for me, as I worry about leaving them out when I'm gone. So, when I get home, I know they're okay, because they all come to greet me. Most of the time. [​IMG]
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    Jul 5, 2007
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    Mine only get to free-range when we're home. So they start dancing at the door to the tractor when DH or I pull in. And if we're working in the yard they come over to check out what we're doing from time to time, too.

    If I step outside with a white bucket in my hand, then they go crazy. White bucket = table scraps and peelings, and they LOVE those!

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