Spraddle leg chick


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
I have a 2 day old welsummer chick wearing a bandaid hobble and a 'snowshoe'
How long do I leave it on?
She is in a brooder with 2 other chicks, they are on rubbermaid shelf liner
She is getting around pretty well now, better every day
but you know how much they grow
shoudl I be replacing the bandaid hobbles and snowshoe daily, or is it time for it to come off soon enough that I dont' need to? It is not comfortable for her when I take off the sticky parts of course.

She is still more powerful, with one leg but is standing on both now. I think she would be up and around more with the bandaids off but I dont' wnat to undo her progress.

Any one with experience have advice? how long do you leave your chicks in this getup?

when she can walk.. take it off... legs will get stronger... Usually only takes a couple days.
will she go back to the spraddle thing?
She can stand and walk but only does it for short times
gets to water and food, etc
ti's hard for her wtih teh hobbles and snowshoe for the curly toes

her left leg is not as strong as her right one
she extends it enough to walk evenly
but when she sits, sehs' tilted as left leg is tucked up tighter

i dont' know, I've never had one that needed this before so want to do it right, you know how it goes

thanks for the response!
Ok, she is out of the hobbles and seems to be doing fine. Standing up taller and running around with the others.
Thanks for the help everyone!

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