Spraddle leg or injury?


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Okay so this thread can potentially get off topic really quickly, so I'm just going to throw this out there first thing- please keep this thread on topic, I am very worried about a very crippled little chick. Thanks in advance.

I just recently bought some showgirl chicks online. The person who sent them to me had amazingly great feedback from fellow byc members, so I trusted all was well. All is well and chicks are happy and healthy except one. This little guy seems fine health wise, but looks to have spraddle leg. One of his feet looks like it's folded in half and he has a hard time walking. This chick is anywhere between 2-4 weeks old. (yes I have been made aware recently that chicks of this age should not be shipped, please do not post laws and ordinances pertaining to this. I did not know an the shipper didn't either.) anyways, is it too late to fix this foot? I am hoping it is an injury that occurred during shipping so I can give the shipper the benefit of the doubt that she did not send me a chick with spraddle leg, but I don't know, it doesn't look like anything new. Plus shipper said she was going to throw in 'two free chicks', so I wonder if this was one of them.
Anyways, if it is spraddle leg is it too late to fix? I have a pic but I am at work right now and can't upload it. If someone can send me their e-mail I can email it to them... I am very worried about this chick. Aside from the foot he is the best looking showgirl of the bunch
Sorry about your chick.

I haven't had that happen, so I don't know from personal experience, but since the chick is so young yet, I would think it can be fixed. I would think that cutting a piece of firm cardboard to foot size and then taping his foot to that, it would heal correctly. May not be perfect as an adult but perfectly functional.
Thats a REALLY good idea. The poor baby tries to walk in it but kind of changes his mind last minute and just swoops it in the air. I'm going to post his pics tonIght. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
Ahhhh, you just know that it's hurting them when they do that. Poor baby. From what I've read of the people who use the boots, the chicks don't like them and first and will peck at them to get it off,but then they get used to it. Most leave them on until the tape falls off and then reevaluate. I've heard of some using packing tape, other duct tape and band aid strips. At least it is kind of like a cast and will let it heal in a more natural position. Good luck.
Oh Aubry I am so sorry sweetie. I know how excited you have been. If this were my chicken I would do as the others suggested and try taping the foot flat. At this age it will take a strong tape to hold the toes in place. I am not sure this will fix it but it is worth a try if taking to the vet is out of the question. The little shoe should at least allow the chick to walk properly. I know you can give baby asprin in the water but not sure of dosing. I would give vitamins and electrolytes and maybe even a boiled eggs just to help get over the stress of shipping. I really hate this.
I will try to find asprin dosing now.

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