Spraddle Leg?


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6 Years
Nov 8, 2013
Hello everyone! I just picked up 4 chicks at the feed store today and will be getting 2 others somewhere else on Friday. I got all bantams: 1 cochin, 1 australorp, and 2 turkens. They seem to be doing fine so far, but both of the turkens have been stretching 1 leg back, then falling and staying down for awhile, then getting up and running around. I'm not sure what spraddle leg looks like so I'm not sure if they have it, but it looks suspicious. For bedding, I have paper towels over pine shavings so it shouldn't be too slippery.. Any ideas what's going on?
They sound like they are just stretching, in spraddle leg the legs are splayed to the sides so that chicks are unable to run or walk. Your chicks sound fine to me, do you have pictures and are they still doing it?
They are still doing it and I don't have pics, but like you said, I think they're just stretching.. Thanks for the help!

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