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So i gotta spray roundup and i my chickens free range all day everyday...so i was wondering if the roundup would harm them or my eggs...i know that roundup is nothing but sodium but i am still concerned
My understanding is that roundup is very toxic! Don't do it! I nearly died and lost several years to illness from pesticide/lead/mold combo.
Definitely keep the chickens away from any chemicals/pesticides/herbicides.
Here are two links

round up and pets:

and more:
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I'm with Peaceful...no way would I let my birds eat herbicide sprayed weeds. Maybe you could rig a large pen for a few days out of wire and stakes?
You need to keep them away from sprayed areas for a time. This should be indicated on the label. Roundup is not all that toxic and it breaks down fairly fast, but it still has a restriction time just like most any other chemical does.
I believe they say that you should keep pets and children away from it until it is dry. The way I get around this is to spray it at about 1pm, and then it gets the benefit of the heat of the day.
Dry or not, the herbicide is still on the plants, and they could injest it. I would never use Round Up, in the same area that you have free range chickens. I think that the pets that the bottle instructions mean, is cats and dogs, who do not tend to eat weeds..

Why not use a more natural herbicide, such as a salt and vinegar mix? You can also singe weeds using a tiger torch to kill them.
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I know that the label says it is safe to plant vegetables the next day after an application, but I wouldn't advise it. Probably half of the products we commercially consume have been sprayed with Roundup at one point or another
I found this discussion in another post:

"Good idea! I thought they would give me some pat answer, but they didn't.

They actually told me that if you spray round-up you should keep chickens off it for a year!

At first she told me pen them up while spraying, and don't spray in their food or water sources, but then she said, Let me check further... came back and said they would have to be off the sprayed area for a year.

Wow! Be afraid! Be very afraid! LOL...
This is what we did, based on what our local environmentalist told us:

- We sprayed the Round up on a nice sunny day, making sure it was NOT at all windy. And stayed about 2 feet away from the chicken run.
- The girls were closed up in their coop while it was getting sprayed.
- We let it settle for about an hour.
- Let the girls into their run.
- Did NOT let the girls free-range for a week.
- Making sure that it had rained at least once. AND, then cut the grass.

The girls appear to be unharmed. Although I didn't do a scan of their little pea-brains.

I wish we wouldn't have "had" to do it at all, but we live in a neighborhood AND we hadn't sprayed in a couple of years. The yard was BAD, bad, bad. If we lived out in the country, I definitely would do it.

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