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We built a new duck house onto our chicken house seperated by a wall. What I'd like to know is how do most of ya'll clean your coops? We built in the spring and I put fresh bedding in and now it's fall and just finished cleaning out old bedding and adding new, I use deep litter. What I am wondering is in the spring when I clean all the bedding out I want to give a good cleaning and since the coops are all wood with vinyl floor not sure what is the best way. Would like to just bring a hose in and wash everything but don't know if that the best way. Thanks for any advice on this.
I have always used a hose with a high-powered nozzle and a deck brush. You can pour some bleach on the floor if you want; just make sure to rinse well. I choose warm, sunny days to clean so that the chickens can be locked out in the run until the coop is dry (I leave the windows and human door open to aid drying).

I use a smaller broom for dusting off any cobwebs in the ceiling.
I pretty much do was Chicken Lady described. After I clean out the old litter I brush the ceiling/walls using a little bit of bleach water to scrub with an old big brush. Then I use power washer (or hose with a nozzle like the type to clean your gutters). Open all the doors and windows and let it dry on a warm, sunny day. I take whatever is removable out to clean while the coop dries out.

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