Spring Project: The Ultimate Small Scale Hatchery Experiment

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    I've decided to create the ULTIMATE small scale hatchery in my garage. I'm a university student and I have some government start-up money for a small business, and I've decided to create the ultimate hatchery set-up, or at least the best one I can create. I've studied fine arts and education, and now I'm moving on to an new degree in urban sustainable agriculture.

    Yes, I want to make this into a small money making venture, but I also want to learn about improving hatch rates, especially of shipped hatching eggs. I want to share this experience with a community of both novice and experienced incubating enthusiast in the hopes they we can collectively discover new methods, and improve hatch rates.

    Share along with me as I test methods and create the hatch system I've been dreaming of. I'll try and post photos regularly.

    Tips & Advice always welcome!

    Current Equipment Set-up Plan:

    Storing Shipped Hatching Eggs
    *All items should be placed in the fridge and fridge set in a balanced location. This will hopefully create the ultimate pre-incubation storage system. Amount of egg turners will depend of your personal needs.

    1 Digital Temperature & Humidity Monitor
    1 Small/Mini Humidifier
    1 Small/Mini Fan
    1 Danby DWC172BL 17-bottle Wine Cooler (Temperature range of 6°C- 14°C (43°F - 57°F)
    1-2 Hova Bator Automatic egg turners (Placed in fridge, set to rotate 2-3 times in 24 hrs)
    *The fridge temperature should be set to 55F-65F with 75% humidity.​

    Incubator Chamber Cabinet
    *Cabinet enclosure that holds my incubators, designed to create a stable, controlled and clean environment around the incubators and hatchers.

    1 Digital Temperature & Humidity Monitor
    1 Homes HEPA Egg Air Purifier
    1 Crane Warm Mist Humidifier (Average Humidity Maintenance)
    1 Lasko Clip Stick Desk Fan

    *Ventilation and insulation also included and important. In a way, it's like an incubator within an incubator. Temperatures will be set to stable room temperature or higher, with a higher then regular humidity, 70-75% with the extra humidity for hatching within the incubator.

    Water Filtration & Dechlorination
    *For use in Humidifier and Incubators/Hatchers. Later for hydrating chicks.

    1 Large Brita Ultramax Dispenser
    1 Neutral Water Conditioner

    Pre-Incubation (Room Temperature Acclimatization)

    Place the eggs in the Incubator Chamber Cabinet, when settings have stabilized to synthesize a regulated room at "room temperature" 64°F to 73°F, and maintain at least 75% humidity.


    I am going to start with two Hova Bator 1588's, and two Hova Bator Automatic egg turners. I will also have several thermometer and hydrometer set-ups. I want to have many small capacity incubators for different hatch dates and experiments. I want to add two Brinsea 20 incubators in my rounds one upgrade. I may eventually secondarily upgrade to a cabinet incubator.

    2 Hova Bator 1588
    2 Hova Bator Automatic egg turners
    2 Incu Therm Plus Hatch Monitor
    2 Egg-o-Meter

    *Temperatures maintained at 99.5°F and a steady humidity of 86%.
    *Only using clean and filtered water for filling Hova Bator water basins. Bi-daily temperature checks and records taken.

    Incubators (First Upgrade)

    I plan to purchase 2 Brinsea Octagon 20 Advanced/Eco Incubators with the automated turner. (I feel the Advance EX, is not worth the money for some water feeding tubing).

    2 Brinsea Octagon 20 Advanced/Eco
    2 Brinsea Automatic Turning Cradles
    2 IncuThermPlus Hatch Monitor
    2 Egg-o-Meter

    The Hova Bators will then become my hatchers, lined with non-slip clean carpet grip material. Kept in the same Incubator Chamber Cabinet.


    My from XL-Ikea storage bins, seedling heater mats, and brooder bulbs. Simple, effective.

    Design Plans to come.
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