1. BoulderCityFoul

    BoulderCityFoul In the Brooder

    Jun 22, 2010
    Boulder City, NV
    I am not sure if this is the proper place to put this but...

    We are new to the chicken business. We currently have some RIR chicks and am prepping for their move into the yard. We are urbanites with a decent sized rear yard that is secure. We plan to have them roam free in the yard during the day with a coop to place them in at night. My question is regarding the lawn sprinklers in the yard. Are the birds smart enough to move to dry sections of the yard when the sprinklers run? The yard is on three stations, so if they keep moving, they will stay dry. Is there harm in them getting wet if they don't move around?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. americancowboy

    americancowboy In the Brooder

    Jun 7, 2010
    It should be fine. Just the other day the sprinklers came on randomly when my chickens were free ranging and they were scared to death of them! they took off to other parts where there were no sprinklers. And as soon as they turned off my chickens came running back for the mud and water that was left behind. Your chickens should be fine. Most dont like being wet unless its just a sprinkle.
  3. WestKnollAmy

    WestKnollAmy The Crazy Chicken Lady

    Apr 22, 2008
    upstate SC
    I turn the sprinkler on down in the barnyard for some refreshing fun when it is hot. (For me as well as them!) They don't like getting too wet but will stand out of the immediate rainfall and enjoy the mist and the mud.

    I can just imagine them freaking when sprinklers turn on in the yard! LOL They will be fine, like americancowboy said. Funny, but fine![​IMG]
    If they turn on the same time every day they will even be smart enough to learn when to stay away. They aren't total bird brains! [​IMG]
  4. outlawfarmer

    outlawfarmer Songster

    Mar 27, 2010
    New Hampshire
    they will be fine or they will be "mad as a wet hen". My hens run for cover every time it turns on. When my 2 year old threw one in the kiddie poool she even was fine (not happy though).
  5. SandyK

    SandyK Songster

    Jul 8, 2009
    Eldersburg, Maryland
    I've been trying to mist mind down with the hose lately. It's been so hot, 98 today and they are panting like crazy. They just move out of the way as I follow them with the hose.
  6. BoulderCityFoul

    BoulderCityFoul In the Brooder

    Jun 22, 2010
    Boulder City, NV
    Thanks for the advise everyone! Man, this place is great!

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