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    I am planning on mixing a lot of my own chicken feed. I will be including sprouts both grains and legumes. I know kidney bean sprouts shouldn't be fed and soy beans are not so good. Anybody have any knowledge of any other sprouts they shouldn't have. SOme of the more unusual things I was thinking include quinoa, mung beans, lentils.

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    Jul 3, 2011
    my gals love dried lentils, quinoa, millet, hard winter wheat, sunflower seeds all mixed together with a little cornmeal. I've supplemented this with their feed since they were 3 weeks. Haven't tried alfalfa yet, but sounds good.
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    Dec 5, 2010
    I wouldn't sprout millet or sorghum. Seem to recall that sprouted millet is guaranteed to develop mould toxins very quickly. Someone else could correct me on that, I'm sure. Sorghum isn't a great feed in any case and can contain enough cyanide to depress growth. I wouldn't sprout it and don't feed it.

    Don't go near lupini beans (sometimes called lupines or even lupin beans), though 'sweet lupins' can be okay (not sprouted though). Often with the legumes it's best to cook rather than sprout, but there are exceptions. I feed sprouted dun peas, but not in high amounts (5% at most).

    On the positive side, sprouted corn (if you can find the non GM varieties) are a terrific feed, and of course sprouted wheat is very good.

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    Check out this web site:


    I've ordered from them before. They have some interesting seed choices, but more importantly, a lot of good information about sprouting all kinds of seeds.
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