Spur buds??

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9 Years
May 4, 2010
West Cork, Ireland
I have no way of telling if my 2 weeks olds are pullets or roos. However, two of them have more pronounced buds on their legs where spurs would grow in. My hens outside have the same circular scales where spurs would be too, so I know they could go either way. As my chicks are lavender araucana, I am at a total loss on what to look for. I think I have a roo and two pullets, but change my mind daily! Does anyone have any ideas? The fact that they all have different skin colouring, one is black/grey skinned, one yellow, and one in the middle, makes it even harder! Two are developing yellow combs above their beaks, identical, the one with the black face has a slightly smaller comb than the other two. If anyone is good at sexing lav araucanas let me know and I'll post up pics of them. They are stunning though, and I love them!
Post your pictures please
I can guess - two weeks is a bit young, but still can guess

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