9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I hope someone can help. I am hatching some chicks and I am wondering about them growing spurs. Some of my adult Roos have them and some don't. I bought these as adults. So is there something can do to prevent spurs?
Ahhhh. . . . Bless you! So I just put a hot potato on it but exactly how hot?
Ahhhh. . . . Bless you! So I just put a hot potato on it but exactly how hot?

Just stick it in the microwave, for a few minutes, until it gets hot. Or bake it.

It doesn't matter HOW hot.

Good luck!
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On my hens I don't mind so much, but I have so many Roos so we get an occasional tussle and the spurs cause a bit of damage. DHs roo has them and my fave roo always finds this out the hard way! At least now I can fix it. All my poor lil Roos are sure gonna be surprised!

So I guess I'll just fix them as they start growing.
I have a hen with ONE spur, does she get points for this?

Nothing on one side, big ol' spur that would do any rooster proud on the other.
You aren't going to have to worry about spurs until after the roos are a year or more.

The hot potato method loosens the outer spur so it can lift off the inner, fleshy nub easily, but you can remove them without the hot potato, which requires a potato for each spur, by the way.

You can simply use pliers to gently loosen the spur by twisting slowly back and forth. When it loosens, just lift off with your fingers. There may be a tiny bit of blood, and you can just put anti-bacterial ointment on the raw nubs. They harden in a day or two, and take over a year to grow back.

My two cockerels are nine months old and their spurs are barely a half inch long. I won't mess with removing them until they are almost an inch.

It behooves you to remove them or cut them short, careful not to cut into the quick (nub inside) like you do with toe nails. Long spurs can injure the hens, and have even been known to badly injure the rooster should he fall on them somehow. They may or may not be a valuable weapon in defense of the flock. But I haven't seen any rooster here in the wild where I live come out the victor in a scuffle with a wild animal.

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