Square feet?


9 Years
Jun 20, 2010
How many ducks would others consider putting in a 100 square feet? I was thinking 5, but...

Because I know some people say 10' per bird and others up to 30. I say 20ish. (btw I mean their outdOor run)

And (off topic) does anyone keep geese with ducks?
5 is a reasonable number that size of a pen. You can put geese with ducks, however, be careful the geese don't try to hurt or dominate the ducks. If you do plan to keep ducks and geese, either separate or raise together as day olds
So, geese wouldn't work with a trio of welsh harlequins? I was thinking of putting two sebbies in there. (all female) I was hoping they would "adopt" the geese. Oh, well.
You can try. Watch them and see how it's going. maybe every day bring the geese in for a bit with the ducks and let them get used to each other. Chasing and biting tails is a part of acceptance just make sure they're not seriously hurting each other.
My welsh are pretty tolerant, so I was thinking of slowly introducing them to the goslings. Does metzer have nice sebbies? I wad thinking of getting some golden 300s in spring, so maybe then.
I believe Metzer hatchery do sell sebbies. Only in pairs I think. I find gals are more tolerated then males, manly because the drakes have no competition. Good luck!
I have geese with ducks, but I wouldn't do it in a small area. Geese are pretty territorial and the ducks have to have room to keep away from them, especially in the spring.

I occasionally see geese that live in harmony in the same flock as ducks, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm trying to picture a pair of geese in 100sq ft, and I suspect that is too small an area.

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