Squares are like potato chips!


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Dec 25, 2007
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You can't cut just one! I started cutting out my 6.5 inch squares for our scrappy swap, then of course I thought well I can't just cut out 2 squares off a chunk of fabric, I'll cut a strip or two and several 6.5 squares. So I have 28 ready to go out of 50 but 220 sitting in a pile!
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..and another quilt begins !!!!
I've got about 50 5.5 x 6.5 not square squares lol!!

*slowly begins to reel her in* Hey ya'll!! I think we have caught another one hook, line and sinker!!

Not quite,,, but almost~!​
Lets see....5 inch squares make lovely 4.5 inch four squares ( 9 inch blocks) that are nice alternated with a 9 inch block of print or solid fabric. You can even put a sashing between them.

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