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    I have a Polish/Jersey Giant mix that for the last week, when we go near her, she squats into this somewhat submissive position and let's us easily pick her up. She is such an awesome girl but I am curious where this behavior came from?? We did discover that we have a Roo in the mix about 3 weeks ago and wonder if that has something to do with it??
    Any thoughts?
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    Yea! She did the "egg squat" for you! It's a sign of submission, from what I understand, and the Doug for roosters and for their caretakers when they're laying or getting close to laying. You will probably get her first egg within the next week or two. That's what I've read on the forums here. I'm new to raising chickens, too. I also got my first egg-squat from one of my chickens just about 30 minutes ago! [​IMG] [​IMG] I can't wait to get the first egg!!! [​IMG]
    Oh, yeah, the hens also usually do the "egg song when they lay an egg and sometimes practice it beforehand. Search for "chickens egg song" on Youtube and you'll get an idea of what to listen for.
    Good lick, I hope you get your first egg soon!
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