Squirrels and my dad.

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    I hope this is the right place to put this.

    True story:

    Before Daddy died, he loved to be out in the yard. He got bored one day and decided to harrass the squirrels. They were eating his pecans so they had to be taught a lesson. He took a 3-4 foot pole. Went out to the telephone pole in the back yard. He mounted it vertically on the pole. He added some wieghts to one end and a corn cob to the top end. Well, the squirrels got nosey and jumped on the end with the corn cob. They went flying across the yard! [​IMG] They wouldn't stop either. They kept on flying. I guess they liked it. THEN! He made a spring like thing that would make the squirrels bounce when they grabbed it. And he wondered why they would throw pecans at his head! [​IMG]
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    Cute story! My dad does stuff like that, too. It's not rare to see him outside reading a book with a scrub jay sitting on the brim of his hat! My dad is the "peanut man".
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    I hate the nasty little rodents so I really enjoy these links...

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