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My rooster Jet has a squishy crop is that normal? It isn't really full and it doesn't feel like anything is in there. I don't know if this is in the rite spot so you can put it were you want to. He is eating and drinking fine. I'm not worried but I just want to make sure this is normal. Thanks.
I would wait until first thing tommorow morning and check him again, it may just be somehting he ate. If it is still squishy it may be sour crop. tons of info on here regarding, do a search.

keep us posted!
thats good news

One sign when my girl had sour crop was that she would move her neck like a snake trying to adjust her crop. She looked uncomfortable. Just wait until morning before he eats.

One thing I did start doing after my sour crop fiasco was add apple cider vinegar to all the waterers (raw unfiltered kind - I use Braggs brand) but make sure to use plastic waterers, not metal. It helps aid in digestion among many other things. I even started taking it myself, lol!
sorry, need more coffee, lol. I'll explain what I meant:

Wait until morning, before he eats food, to see if his squishy crop is gone. If he is ok, it should be empty. If it is still squishy, you may have a problem with sour or slow crop, even if he is acting normal.
Well the others need to eat and I don't have a place to put him. What do you treat it with? He used to have a big full crop. How did he get it if it is sour crop?
My girl got it from eating clumps of grass i stupidly gave her. basically, they eat the food, it moves into the crop where it digests before moving into the stomach. If they eat something, like straw, random trash, or in my case a clump of grass, it may get bound up like a nest and block the crop from emptying. The bird then continues to eat piling the new food on top of the "nest" so then that food begins to ferment and bacteria, yeast etc. begid to grow making the crop squishy. make sense?

It may not be anything, he may be fine, but just to be sure, what I would do is remove the food tonight (which it looks like you already do-btw chickens don't eat or drink at night so its totally ok)and then feel his crop in the morning before you give anyone food. If it is still squishy come back to BYC and look up sour crop - or shoot me a message, I'll let you know what I did with my girl.
Ok thank you so much.
I went out a an hour ago and his crop was a little bigger. So it went from empty to a little bit more food in there. I think that is good rite? If it is sour crop I would have to cut it open and take out the stuff inside correct? I hope I dont have to.

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