SSO202-Couple of questions..Plus other odds N ends


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Mar 23, 2008
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Sorry, but I didnt want to take over anyone elses thread. So Im making mine own.

Did you kept the ground flooring or put wood over it? What is the coop attacted to? Are those railroad ties or something? I was hoping to be able to use the ground as my flooring. Do you have any other pictures of your coop in progress or finished? DH says I will be the one building this next coop and I know next to nothing about building anything. So I think Im gonna buy that kit.

We live in Central Tx and it doesnt get that cold here. The only problem I would see with having a dirt floor would be when it rains. We normally have 105 summers and rainy winters. It can get down to anywhere from the 20's to the 40's at night. The less money I spend on the chicken coop the better. I dont want DH getting too upset with me.


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Aug 16, 2008
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The coop is sitting on pressure treated 6x6's levelled and squared up. The instructions call for a base to be made out of pressure treated 2x4 and dry 2x4s. I added the 6x6s to give some extra height and protection. The floor was dirt, then I put welded cage wire down and tacked it to the 6x6s and secured it with 2x4s. I then filled the entire base with pea gravel. If you use the email link under my avatar and give me your email address I'll share my photobucket album with you so you can see the whole process. I haven't made up a webpage yet.

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