St. Paul MN 2 Pullets 20+ weeks old Barred Rock and Australorp


In the Brooder
5 Years
Oct 8, 2014
These 2 should be laying any day now. They are currently indoor chickens, but obviously they want to be outdoor chickens and would love to join your awesome setup. They are both ridiculously people friendly as they have lived indoors their entire lives in a home with children. Would make a great addition to a flock where the owner has children who want to pick up the chickens. Great chickens, just not the best house pets as they really need more room. Across the river from Minneapolis.
Just wanted to post an update to say one has just started laying. Transport is available within a reasonable distance too if the drive is putting off a good home!
I believe these are spoken for now, but just as a backup I will try again on posting pics later today.

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