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    Jan 13, 2009
    i have heard different steps of hatching being called different things. zipping, pipping. can you tell me what they are? and what is a wiggler? thanks so much. how also do you make cute faces, or enable to do so.
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    Pipping is when the chick makes its first crack/hole into the egg that you can visibly see. Before that stage it's "pipped into the air cell" which is where they get their first breath of air and t hen they work slowly but surely to pipping the shell.

    After that zipping is where the chick cracks open the shell all the way around utnil it is able to push itself out.

    A water wiggler is a bag of water/glitter that is a childs can put a thermometer thing in tehre and guage the inner temp of an egg via the inner temp of the water wiggler in the incubator with teh eggs. [​IMG]

    smiles theres a few different ways someone else can explain that bette rim sure.
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    I would just love to say that I had been able to hatch just ONE chick. [​IMG]

    (note: not all of them smile)
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    Quote:aww... im sorry but that makes that one all the more special!

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