Staggered hatch and how to do it?


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I have eggs that are developing at different rates atm in my incubator some look over a week while others look about a week give or take a day in development and those were put in roughly around the same time. well minus 3 eggs I put in there about 5 days after the first lot went in as a few were early quiters.

Now I'm looking more at staggered incubation and hatching as I just ended up buying 2 lots of naked neck hatching eggs as a complusive buy plus I have about 6 eggs from my own flock I want to put in.

So I guess the question is, is it just as simple and easy as putting the eggs in and turn them as normal til the other eggs go on lock down?
Till that point it is that simple.
Keep adding eggs and keep turning.
When the first eggs get to lockdown is when issues arise.
Most like to run a lower humidity then raise it for lockdown. Creates an issue when you have some in lockdown and some that aren't. Gonna have to figure out what you want to do as far as humidity since you can't have both.
Bigger issue is turning eggs. What to do when first chicks start pipping. Do you just leave the other eggs without turning them until others are all hatched or do you continue to open incubator to turn eggs and throw your lockdown temps and humidity out the window and take chance of shrink wrapping the ones hatching.
I hatch once a week and use incubators and a hatcher. Back when I did it in one incubator I ran humidity lower and raised it any time eggs got to day 19. Then lowered it back down.
When eggs got to pip stage I quit turning others or opening incubator. Usually once a few hatched they would help out turning eggs by running around and crashing into them.
I already have issues with shrink wrapping and have helped plenty out of that problem so I'm ready to step in. I was thinking of putting the newer ones to one side and the older ones to the other and once lock down was going keep humidity at a decent normal level and if opened to turn the eggs spray them with warm water. would that work?

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