staggered hatch? Basics please.


10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I have been reading some posts on staggered hatches but they are way beyond my level of complexity. Basically I want to set eggs tonight and more in 48 since some have not arrived from the seller yet. I do not have a separate hatcher. Can I do it? Do some just go into lockdown early? Do I hand turn in lockdown. I just don't want the fertility to drop on these eggs!
Hey CDennis! I'm wondering the same thing myself.
I'm not doing a staggered hatch, but I set 8 duck eggs last Thursday around 1:00 AM and just set 12 barnyard mix eggs this morning around 1:00 AM. My biggest concern is the temperature drop in the incubator (a forced-air LG). How long can the temps be down without harming the eggs that have already been incubating for a week? It dropped to 93, but just came back up to 95 and is climbing slowly. Will my duck eggs be okay until the temp regulates?

Depends on how long it was down
may just delay hatch
As far as lg goes I don't use them so not real acquainted with them
Bottom line keep your temp right humidity about 50 and at hatch raise it some 60 -70 should be fine
as far as ducks on forced air they need a little more but I do drop it as they start to hatch to overcome the humidity they cause (Make sense ? )
Check shellyd2008 she uses them I do believe
And knows what the characteristics would be
I like to keep my hatches a week apart. This gives the still developing eggs time to lose the extra moisture that running up the humidity for the about to hatch eggs for three days will cause.

I'm using a cabinet incubator so it may be somewhat different with the Styrofoam types. Opening the box isn't a big deal so long as the temp/humidity comes back to where it needs to be within an hour or less. After all mama bird gets off the nest most every day except for the final three days.

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