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    I ordered from two different guys and one has gotten me the eggs early, and the other it seems may be a few days late.

    so, eggs that were all supposed to be here mid week look like they are going to be here a week apart.

    who votes for staggered hatch, and who votes for patient waiting?

    i only have one incubator
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    How old are the eggs you already got? and have you been tracking the others? I am so glad I have an old styro bator and the coolerbator we made, same thing happened to us. but I had the old styro to lockdown in! shweeeeeeewww Have you spent alot of money on the eggs? perhaps you can borrow someones incubator? or make a hatcher? Our coolerbator was simple and cheap... link in my signature

    GOOD LUCK!! [​IMG]
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    This is hard because you don't know what quality of eggs you are getting. In my case I would probably set both eggs as they come, but I would keep the incubator in lockdown and would not open it until two days after my chicks had pipped or hatched. Then I would you remove all eggs from the first hatching and leave it in lockdown for the second.
  4. kefiren

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    thanks so much for your replies!

    you guys are siding with my kids to get these eggs cookin', but all i can think of is the horrible stinkies that will occur after two consecutive hatches, days apart, without a break.

    just the thought makes me shudder! what's more, i'm a newbie and a staggered hatch seems sort of "expert slope" to me. and besides:

    the whole reason i went searching for eggs was to have eggs to set on the 12th (saturday 6 days from now) for a ground hog hatch!

    for some strange reason, my egg provider and the us postal service have been amazingly efficient and here i am with eggs a week early.

    but i really don't want to get things started early.

    i think what i will do is fire up the the bator at dawn on saturday the 12th--as planned

    til then these embryos will be sitting in my cool/humid cellar and getting turned a few times a day. may the force be with 'em!

    well, another decision down. now, to decide whether to do the so-called dry hatch (which worked well for me first time, but not so great second time) or to go for something a little more like "constant medium humidity"

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