staggered hatch questions?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by apc, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Ive ordered eggs offine for the first time and am recieving them from three different afraid they wont all get here on the same day and dont want to wait for them all to get here at once. I have 3 hovabators that i can use but id rather just break one out. is it possible to only use one bator and hatch 3 different dates? Two sets will be within a day of one another but the last set could be a week later. I do own a turner as well. Is it possible...or will I end up using two bators? Its my first go at using a still air bator and im very nervous because ive heard mixed reviews...just want my eggies to hatch [​IMG]

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    I stagger hatch all the time with very little problem. Are all 3 bators still air ? I would recommend buying/installing a fan for at least one of them to use for incubation and then maybe use the others as a hatcher.
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    APC,,we had many staggered hatches this summer,,some being several days apart.we had borrowed 2 Hovabators because we had one shipment of 8 dozen eggs shipped and didn't know they were coming until the day before they arrived.We had so many eggs in the Brinsea 190,that even the hatching tray on the bottom was full and eggs were stacked on top of each other in the middle,we had to turn those manually 3 times a day.But,as each group was due to hatch we took them off the turning rack,set them in the bottom,,each tray holds 48-60 eggs,,and when 10-15 chicks starts hopping around,it gets in the way of the other ones trying to pip and zip.So,as they hatched and dried off,we would put the chicks in the hovabators,,until they were all hatched,,then inside a small brooder box we have.

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