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    Is it okay to place eggs in the incubator at different times or not? For instance I have some eggs in the incubator but want to order some more. What is the maximum time frame that eggs should be put into the incubator apart from each other? Does that make sense?


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    It's OK but it is better to separate the ones that are to hatch on day 18 from the not so far along ones. I now have two homemade bators, so on day 18 for my EE I took my Buckeyes out and put in my smaller bator until after the hatch.

    You still have to turn the less developed eggs and you aren't supposed to open the bator for the last three days and you have to have higher humidity for the last 3 days.

    I am going to have 3 hatches in a row 2 wks a part (God willing) because I am collecting EE eggs now to put in the bator once my first set hatches (hopefully by tomorrow) and set the next batch by Friday.

    If you need a second bator you may want to consider making one. There are plenty of people here that can help you. I use a version of the Matilda that I got on this site.
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    i have 2 incubators and a hatcher. i have 4 different hatch dates for the eggs i have set. they are all planned so that they will go in the hatcher on different days. this way i can add eggs when i need to (to the bators) as long as i make sure there will be plenty of days between hatchings. hope that makes since.
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    It doesn't hurt the eggs to continue turning them through day 21... The only issue is that if the chick hatches in the turner, they can fall down and get injured in the turner.

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