Stained glass windows for my future coop


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9 Years
Dec 31, 2010
Redmond WA
Planning a bigger coop (8x8) in a few years when we downsize and move, but I just could not sit around and started the windows for my future coop. Hubby thinks I am a little crazy...

for above the nest box

on the front of the coop
Thank you. I am a hobbyist- no plans to sell - it takes too much time - maybe when I quit my day job!

However, I highly encourage you to take up stained glass making if you are interested-the initial cost of setting up is expensive, but you will have the tools for life. I just finally caved in and bought a glass grinder for $50 on E-bay. Previously I had been grinding each piece of glass by hand, and it was painfully slow!

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