Stall dry in the brooder? Other options?

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In the Brooder
6 Years
May 15, 2013
Hello! Congrats to everyone with babies in their brooders! It was certainly an exciting weekend for many hatchers! :D

I have a brooder set up in my living room. It's a 3x3 foot box with a heat plate. Boy, the chicks love that heat plate!! My question is about what to out in the brooder. When @jbher and I originally planned our brooders, we were going to use puppy pads with shelf liner on top. We decided at the last minute to try stall dry, after reading good reviews about it. I have to say, its awesome being able to scoop out the poops. The problem is that is it SO dusty. My chicks are all covered with a silty coating, and I'm beginning to worry that it might create a respiratory issue. I threw in a layer of puppy pads over the top of the stall dry before leaving for work this morning.

Any advice or experiences you can share?

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