Standard Cochin rooster with bantam cochin hens


Mar 1, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO
I have a question for anyone who might have experience with mixing. I know bantam and standard breeds can co-exist in a flock and that bantam roosters and standard hens can breed.
I have a Blue Splash Cochin rooster and a broody Blue Cochin hen and I wanted to sneak some bantam cochin chicks under her, but I'm not sure if it will be possible to keep any pullets. I'm just afraid he will seriously hurt them when trying to breed. Any thoughts?
I wouldn't. There's too much of a size different. It certainly does work the other way around, but a large rooster can kill bantams during mating. Plan on separating them, getting rid of the large rooster, or pick a larger breed for your hen to raise.
We have a bantam (old English game hen) with our huge EE rooster and they have always been fine but I wouldn't do it on purpose. We bought the group this way and those two are the closest of the bunch and they are both up there in years so I'd never separate them. I'm not sure how he doesn't hurt her though.

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