Standard size Red Pyle????


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Jul 4, 2009
Hoquiam, Wa
Are there any breeds of Red Pyle colored chickens that come in standard size and preferably a heavy breed?

Has anybody got any experience cross breeding with a red pyle breed.
Old English & Modern games are the only breed I know of in LF. But if you have the space choose a breed and start a project to get what you want. Search Red Pyle, there are people on this board working on it.
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Newbee question: What does the LF stand for???

edited to say: Oh, I just got it ..... Large fowl!!!!! Thanks
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LF=Large fowl.
Some others that might get ya:
SLW: silver laced wyandotte, used a lot. Also GLW, gold laced
RC, SC, VC, PC: rose comb, single comb, v-comb, pea comb.
ST, S STD: all stand for "standard" or large fowl
B, BNTM, BTM: bantam
OEG(B): old english game (bantam)

Almost all game breeds have red pyle, notably Yokohama and the breeds that herechickchick mentioned. I have a friend who's doing really well with his Red Pyle Modern Games.
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Thanks. I had all of the others down.... Just couldn't wrap my head around the LF today. Too obvious for me, I was over thinking it.

I am going to see if I can't find a young Standard size Red Pyle Old English Game Cockerel to buy before Christmas. I can't wait to get started on a breeding project. Need to do a bit more studying first.
Within a couple hours drive, yeah!
Hello former neighbor!

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