Star: an irregular, and wonderful chicken!

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    Hello BYC friends!
    Today i'm going to tell you about one of my 4 hens: Star!! Star is a beautiful 8 month old BSL.

    When Star was just a baby ,you could allready tell she was going to be a special bird! You would hold her, and she would just fall asleep in your hand. Then out of nowhere, she would spring out of your hand and fly! Well, at least try to fly.
    Star was confusing as a chick. She acted just like a rooster, yet looked like a pullet. We debated whether she was a boy or girl all the time!
    Even at an early age, Star allready shwed her absiloute love for food. One time, she was sitting on my lap, perfectly happy, until my sister brought in a sandwitch. Before i knew it, Star was in the air, frantically flapping, aiming at the sandwitch! She landed on the bread, and pecked away. Not for long though, before we snatched her u pand fed her bits of bread.
    Do you know how chicks sometimed face off to establish the pecking order? Well one time, Wesley, our little mixed breed cock, was debating whether to jump out of the cage or not. While doing this, he was bobbing his head back in forth, like they do befire they jump. Star raced over and got all big and fluffy, thinking he was challenging her. But, she got a little too close, and when he jumped, Star was right there, getting slapped with wings and feet!

    PLEASE READ BEFORE LOOKING AT PIC!! Star is the black chick in the backround, not in front! I couldn't find a good old upload of her.

    But, now Star is older (but not much smarter). She has grown into a beautiful BSL.
    Star seems to have devoted her life to food. She will do whatever it takes to get food! Don't you ever go near Star with a sandwich!! She will chase you untill you surrender and give her the food! She dosen't do it in a mean way though, Star is one of the sweetest, and jumpiest chickens i've known. She is also one of the softest too! Her feathers are like silk.
    If you go to pick up Star, well, you won't get too far. She is so frantic to get back on the ground and forage for things in the dirt! I always laugh when friends try to pick get up! They get smacked with her wings a few times before they lose her! But, if you know Star, she is easy to hold. Just use this simple rule: Hold tight!!! Once you get her to stop moving, she is the sweetest thing ever!


    ~Sorry, these pics arent the best! I'm going to take some better pics later!~

    Another thing i love about Star, is she is a great egg layer. She lays a perfect brown egg every day. She hasn't missed a day yyet! Very often, she will lay a jumbo egg! Back in summer, there was one time when she layed jumbo eggs 4 days in a row! [​IMG]

    Overall, Star is a sweet, fluffy, and clumsy chicken. We just love her to death! [​IMG]
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    She looks like a sweety and WOW to 4 jumbos in a row.
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    My BSL named "Blackie" once went 93 days without missing a day laying. I'm going to need to get a new one because my Blackie is getting old and only lays 2-3 a week now.

    Thanks for the story and the pics.
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    Quote:Yeah! That must have been tiring!

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