Staring a new flock in the spring!

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    I'm so eggcited! I havn't been able to keep chickens for almost 10 years now for one reason or another. Now we're buying a house and it's already got the perfect little shed for a small flock. Just needs a couple of improvements. (roosts and laying boxes) and a fence for a run.
    My flock will be no more than 25 birds (and we all believe it'll stay that small right:lol:). I'll be having several different breeds. Looking for the most colorfull or unusual. Already decided on Polish, red Junglefowl, silkies, easter eggers, and Sebrights. these having some of the characteristics I'm looking for. Suggestions for additions, or substitutions? Want good layers, but far more interested in the simple charm of watching them roam the yard. They'll be mostly free range, however the property is farm fields all around, so I'll be keeping them penned up unless someone is home to watch them. Thanks for the help!
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    I'm excited for you!

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