Staring at each other beak to beak


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
I have a 5 month old golden laced wyandotte pullet and a 3 month old silkie cockerel
They dont hang out much with each other
My chickens have created 4 small groups of their own

But picasso my silkie cockerel and Mazie my GLW every now and then just go up to each other and get almost beak to beak and stare and then go on their merry ways
I think there is like elemenrty school flirting
She is the only one that he goes up to gives she very small little pecks on the beak, she is the only he really goes up to at all she is much bigger than him
He doesn't bother with anyone else except his buddy Rembrandt they just hang

He is the only cockerel she lets get away with it, mazie is a glw, and she doesnt let others boss her, but something about picasso she seems to like or maybe even like like hmmmm

Well that is how I see it

What do you all think?

My nh red and the duccle batman used to do that often the eye to thing just stay so still and be almost touched eyeballs
They were always together

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