"Start-it-up-and-forget" incubator project - Some thoughts...


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Sep 12, 2013
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My Coop
Hi all,

So... After an experience with a hastily made styrofoam incubator, I decided to build a small cabinet one... I already have most of the materials/parts, mainly from my junk pile...

My wife reading this would say "Yeah, definitely you're a junk collector"... To what I would reply "For the nth time, it's not junk!"... You know the type...

I spend most of day at work, so I want to make it as self-sufficient as possible... Some thoughts... Nothing new, just some ideas I picked around and intend to put together in one build...


Straightforward... I'm using a heating coil (50 or 100W, still to decide) salvaged from an old aquarium heater... As a thermostat, I have one of these:


It worked flawlessly in the styro incubator.

Also, a pc fan for air circulation.

Egg turning

Again, salvaged from an old stove, I have an rotisserie motor... Still to the decide on the most practical egg tray, but the idea is to control it like this:


Humidity control

This one, for me, is the trickiest/most challenging... What about using a humidity sensor/switch (something like this:


that would trigger a mist maker (something like this:


when the humidity percentage, lowers from a given value?... In theory, seems doable...

So the idea is to build an minimum-attention-needed incubator... Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please share your thoughts/suggestions/ideas/experience... That's the purpose of this thread... Thanks.


BTW, let me say I know it would be alot easier to just go and buy an incubator... But that would take out all the fun of my diy projects... I like the figure-out-the-best-way/building challenges...
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