started chicken


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Where can I buy started chicks. I am looking for 6 RI Reds that already have feathers and don't need heat.
I checked a few sites, but most only offer a few select chicks.
if you're looking to buy pullets try looking under breeders here or go to the buy/sell section & ask there because people will posting their chickens there or if they've got what you want & see your post they'll answer you there. There might also be swaps close to you & so you want to check there too.
try craigslist - post that you are looking for some, or maybe by chance someone already has them, tis the season....good luck in your search.
exactly what I was about to post!!
You know, I just did that and someone has 30 started RI Reds for sale for $8.00 each.
I jst shot them and E-mail and am going to call tomorrow....I'm starting to get excited!
I couldn't wait so I answer.
When I started building this coop it was still cold out.
I was just cleaning up and found my heavy winter gloves and my rabbit lined bomber hat. It made me realize how long I have been at it.
I still need to build the sliding door to the run,build a roost,put down the floor tiles and buy a feeder and a water'er along with food and shavings.
These birds are 7 weeks old, can they go outside?

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